What is and how works Google Tag Manager

google tag managerGoogle yesterday announced the introduction of the Tag Manager.

That is an extreme simplification to manage the myriad of tag - by AdWords to Analytics, via external components - which are used for tracking within the websites and that until now were entered individually and manually.


"Tags can help you get useful insights, but they can also make your site slow and clumsy." In addition, "the tag applied incorrectly can create false statistics and can be time-consuming to the IT department or webmaster team," says Laura Holmes (Product Manager, Google) in the post which presents the new in the Analytics Blog.

Google Tag Manager is designed to solve, therefore, the problems of tag management.
Among the features that this innovation brings between the webmaster:
  • Asynchronous loading of the tag (Asynchronoustag loading), for a faster loading and that does not affect the user's experience
  • Simplified management of tags models, "so that marketers can quickly add"
  • Preview mode, in order to see the changes in real time (to which you add the Debug Console and Version History)
  • Managing Permissions for editing tags

You can not only use the model tag already covered by Google - AdWords or Analytics, for example - but also add your own models.

"Google Tag Manager saves a lot of time in the process of code management. What once took two weeks, now takes less than a day. Even hours, "said Ameet Arurkar, the Director of Search Engine Marketing by Big G.

You can find more information on this news by visiting the link www.google.com / tagmanager.

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