How to block a person on Facebook with iPhone

block on facebook with iphoneThere is a person who is bothering you a lot on Facebook , would you block it but  you  don't know how to do it only because you currently have the iPhone at hand , not your PC ? No problem !
Through the Facebook app for iPhone , you can block all contacts that do not behave well and prevent that the latter  can invite you to events / games , tag or re-add friends. How you can do it? Read this guide about how to block a person on Facebook with iPhone.
To block a person on Facebook with  iPhone, the first step you need to take is to start the social network's app , pressing the magnifying glass icon located at the top left and look for the name of the contact you want block .
Then you have to select the name of the person from the search results (in order to enter in her profile page ) , press the arrow located at the top right of the screen and select the item " Lock"   from  menu that appears.
Therefore confirm the operation  pressing the buttom "Lock" button in the box that appeared in the middle of the screen, and you have done . The user you have selected will be removed from your friend list and he will not be able to interact with you on Facebook, or on mobile phones or on computers .
After blocking people  on Facebook with iPhone you could  have regrets , other toughts, or for any other reason you would like  to unlock the contact that you had previously banned. you can do it in a simple way . How?
Open the Facebook app on your I phone, the  press the  button "Menu" that is located on the bottom right (the icon with the three horizontal lines ) and select the item " Setting about privacy" that is at the bottom of the screen. 
So you have to enter  in "Other settings" , in the section "Block" located near the name of the person you would like unblock.
In this way you  have removed the user in question  from the list of blocked people but he is not  your friend on Facebook yet. To add him to your list friends, you have to go to the page of his personal profile and press the button to request him friendship . Easy , isn't it ?
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