How to delete Facebook from Android Smartphone or iPhone

How to delete Facebook from AndroidAfter trying to use Facebook on your Android smartphone, Did you realize that the world of social network (in particular of this social network) is not right for you? If you would like to delete Facebook app from your iPhone or Android Smartphone and you do not know how to do, read this interesting guide. You will be able to dissociate the account from your smartphone too, than how to delete the Facebook Home Launcher.

To delete Facebook from Android, you have to access to system’s settings (by pressing on the appropriate icon located in the list of applications installed on your phone/tablet) and select items “Application” / “Manage” applications from the menu that appears. In the screen that opens, you have to select the Facebook icon and press, before the Uninstall button and then the button OK to remove the application from Android's official social network. Alternatively, you could enter in the menu of applications installed on the device, pressing   the button “Menu” and selecting first the “Edit” button and then on the symbol – near Facebook icon.

If you do not want to delete Facebook from Android completely but you just want to delete your account from your smartphone (or tablet), you have to go into System Settings and select the item “Accounts” and synchronize from the menu that appears. In the screen that opens, select the voice related  your Facebook account, then press  the button “Remove  account”  and confirm the deletion of data (only from the phone, not from social network) pressing another time the item “Remove account “.

If you have installed Facebook Home on your Android smartphone (currently compatible only with a few devices) and you have repented, you can easily remove it by pressing the menu button on your phone and accessing to the settings of the launcher. Next, select the item to turn off Facebook Home and uninstall the Home application from the terminal as seen above.

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