How to ignore a person on Facebook

how to ignore a person on facebookEvery time you log into Facebook, you find dozens of invitations for games and applications submitted by the same person? There is a friend who continues to post objects uninteresting, but you don't know how to get rid of them  without delete your friendship? Don't  worry.
To ignore a person on Facebook avoiding the unnecessary "rains" of invitations, post and notifications that can compromise the navigation on the most popular social network in the world. Are you ready to do it?
If you want to know how  to ignore a person on Facebook to decline his invitation to become friends, you have to go to the page of the social network with all friend pending  requests and click the  button "Delete" located near the name of person you would like "ignore".  In this way, you will not become friend on Facebook and  he will not know that you've trashed his invitation.
If you don't want receive demands relating to the games , apps or pages that some friend sends you daily on Facebook , you can remedy in this way: open the App Center clicking on the appropriate icon in the sidebar of Facebook and  select the voice "Requests" located at the bottom left and, in the page that opens, identifies one of the  "implicated" invites.
Select the simbol "x" located near the invitation of the person you want to "ignore". Appear on the screen a box with a question "Would you like to ignore all requests of this person?" And you have to seletc the answer "Yes". 
In this way you will not  receive no notifications from your  friend!
Would you like ignore a person on Facebook excluding her from social network chat? You can make yourself invisible to this person while you are  online. How do it?  
It's very simple:  
Click on the gear icon located in the lower right sidebar of Facebook and select the item "Advanced Settings"  from the menu that appears. In the box that opens put a check mark next the voice "Enable chat for all friends except..." , write the name of the person (or people) to witch you always appear offline in the text field below and click on the button "Save" to complete the operation.
Would you like stopping to view posts by a person on Facebook without removing her from your friends list? 
So you have to try any message, photo or video posted by her, click on the gray arrow located at the top right and select the item "I wouldn't like to see this content" from the menu that appears. 
Next, click on the link "Hide all posts by ...(name of person )", that appears in place of the deleted content and you have done . In case of rethinking , you can restore the display of content blocked placing the mouse pointer over the item "Voice" locateed in the sidebar of Facebook , clicking the pencil icon that appears on the left, and selecting item "Edit Settings" from the menu that appears. In the box that opens, click on mbol "x" located  near the name of the person who had ignored  and click on item "Save" to restore her contents in the main page of the social network.
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