How to make a fan page functional and attractive for companies

Many companies, in my opinion, make the mistake of creating a personal profile instead of a fan page. Fan Page is a tool that is becoming ever more powerful.
But let's go straight to the point!
Basically you should:
  • In the construction of the name, always enter name of your business but ...
  • Identifies ... and write in the name at least one keyword for you interesting (SEO);


You are a hairdresser and your name is Tony, your fan page will have the name:
"Hairdresser Tony"
If you want to indicate that you are a hairdresser for women based in London, you may choose:
"London hairdresser Tony"
The length of the name is not important; fun.
If your business is made up of a real shop in town, then
Do not forget to include the city, address and telephone number information in the fan page.

You do not have a second chance to make a first good impression

Sentence mythical and true! To give an immediate jolt to those arriving for the first time on your fan page, you must be careful to create a beautiful cover image.

Makes sure it hits, perhaps using graphics and text. Do not be too generic, use it to talk about you and your products.

A good size is 815 × 315 pixels.
Remember that in the left side of the image Facebook will will position profile picture (200 × 160 px), so do not use that area to write something.
Also in the cover, it may be useful that there were the contact information, for example the telephone number.
Do not forget that many people are surfing with smartphones, so you do not use fonts (characters) too small.
Another useful move, would be to enter the address of your website (if you want to encourage traffic to it); but also the twitter account, if you think it useful.
Keep in mind that the text on the cover could be a valuable tool persuasive to entice you to click "like", which is the first step towards the attendance of the page.
Remember, on Facebook, the image is very important to make a good first impression.

Use the cover for other useful purposes

Who said that the cover must always be the same? In fact, a good idea would be to use it when there is an ongoing promotion! Use the cover to communicate the opportunities not to be missed!

Are you organizing a contest? Let it be known quickly writing it on the cover. In short, the uses are so many.
You have to imagine that the cover is a good sign pasted behind the door of your office: anyone, before knocking, will see it and react accordingly.
although many do otherwise - at their peril - Facebook condemns the use of covers for advertising. I invite you to read the official rules by following this link:

Do not forget the true vocation of fanpage

People come to your fan page not only to read about you and your actions, but also to interact. So you have to learn to listen (read) what your users write.

One very important thing is to stimulate conversation and to do that you have to ask questions and join the conversation.
Other ways to keep alive the interaction are:
  • organize the contest (small competitions);
  • contact people to ask for an opinion;
  • give discounts and bonuses in exchange for equity investments (comments, ideas, opinions);
  • provide information and useful things;
You do not have overcrowd your fan page of offers, but neither of questions. Intervene only with information and requests two or three times a week is enough.
[USEFUL]: I greet you leaving you with a link that will take you to Google to have a quick and full rundown of covers for fanpage: Examples covers fanpage.


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