How to subscribe to Facebook after being deleted

How to subscribe to Facebook after being deletedYou can get hold of your Facebook profile in a very simple and fast way,  also in cases where this is not possible. You have to reactivate the deleted profile (when possible) and make a new registration to the social network.

If you have not gone more than 14 days you can quietly repossess your last profile without subscribe yourself to the service again, and you will find everything as you left it . You have to connect to the main Facebook page and normally access to your profile. If it’s all regular Facebook will ask you if you would like to restore the account. You have to click first on the Cancel button and then elimination of Reactivate of the account and regain your consent for your persona page as well as you left it (although it may takes a few minute to restore all the contents to 100%) .

If you will not be able to restore your last profile it means that your account has been deleted. You just have to create a new Facebook profile from scratch (without posts, photos, friends or like above). Connect to the main page of the most popular social network in the world, fill out the registration form located to the right of the screen and follow the standard procedure to join Facebook to complete the operation. If the email address will not be recognized, try to register yourself using a different email address than the one that you used to create your first account.

To prevent similar situations from occurring in the future, you should disable only momentarily your account, making an helpful backup of all your data on the social network. To do it might be useful to you another similar guide about this topic.

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