How to use Facebook to sell

Have you decided to open an online store? What do you say, then, to increase its visibility by offering customers the opportunity to purchase the products directly from Facebook? How is it done? Just use Blomming.
Blomming is a free online service that allows you to create an online store on which to sell any type of product and integrate it into a Facebook page. It is extremely easy to use. Here's how to use Facebook to sell using blomming.
use facebook to sell
If you want to discover how to use Facebook to sell, the first step you need to take is to connect to Blomming web site and click the button "Open your shop". In the next page , click the Register button with Facebook and authorizes the service to connect to your account on the social network (just click OK).
At this point, fill out the next form typing the user name you want to use on Blomming in the Username field, select the currency you want to use and click on the Save button to move forward.
If do you have not a PayPal account, put a check mark next to the entry "I have not a paypal account. I want to create one now with my Shop Blomming in order to receive payments online and create one using the wizard."
sell on facebook with blomming

How to use Blomming for Facebook

Once you have created your own shop on Blomming, you have to insert products to sell. To do this, click UPLOAD A PRODUCT NOW and complete the form that is offered to you typing the product title, price, etc.. Do not forget to add a nice picture of the object, click the Choose/Browse File button and complete the task clicking on Create.

This will open the page with the product page, in which you can type a description of the object (clicking on the pencil icon in the field), select the method of payment allowed and specify the shipping costs of the products. Clicking buttons + you can add more product photos, while in the tag field you can specify the "labels" to categorize the object.

Once you have added all the products in your virtual store, you can use Facebook to sell by going into the Sell tab and clicking on Facebook shop that is located in the sidebar on the right. On the page that opens, click the Go button located under the heading Sell on Facebook, select the Facebook page where you can enter your virtual store from the drop down menu and complete the task clicking on the Add Page Tab button.

At this point, you just have to share with your customers the link to your Facebook page and they will be able to buy the products offered in your online store from Facebook. Are you Happy?

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