Optimize Facebook Page For Search Engines

optimize facebook's pagesThe effort required to optimize a Facebook page for the search engines is minimal, probably will not need to hire an expert or a specialized agency, but it sure Facebook will help improve your ranking in search engines also of the main site of the brand.

Vanity Url

Only 25 fans to choose their own custom URL. Whether you manage a page in an industrial brand, a business or a rock band you MUST to have a custom address.

Click on Edit Page button visible only to administrators and select the Basic Information tab.


In the same tab fill in the fields About, Description and General Information using the brand name, keywords and information that will help those who are interested in your products / services to find you through search engines or Facebook itself.
The first field in particular, will appear in the left column, under the profile picture of the Facebook page.

Reciprocal Link

From the point of view of SEO and traffic flow you just have to link to each other Facebook page of the brand with the company website and vice versa, a procedure is as banal as problematic for many companies who fear that the Facebook page will cannibalize the site traffic.


Not so, this more than a fear is a superstition induced by old paradigms and reinforced by the fact that the work of managers and web agency is evaluated according to the objectives of traffic measured exclusively on the company's website. Error, your site is no longer - perhaps it has never been and will not you noticed - the navel of the world.
At the center is the consumer that the first web2.0 and social media now choose where and how to find information, who to trust and listen, and with whom develop a relationship, a joint relationship of exchange.
The SEO that you do to "convey traffic to the site," has little to do with to get the consumer on the site. In fact, it is to bring the company where there are consumers: the search engines and Google among them all.
Similarly, it is the edge of madness not link to the website of the brand to the Facebook page and vice versa, it means being locked in their apartment when they are all at the tenant's party. The user is at the center, let him choose where and how you interact with your company and in return you will have a spontaneous testimonial.
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