"Sign In with Google": What it is and How it Works

social login google+It lacked only the login to be able to say that Google now has practically all. And that can dominate, not only in theory. Not only potentially.

Is a good thing or not I leave to you ... Instead we try to understand what is this new "Sign In With Google" and how it works...

A few days ago the announcement on the developer blog.

What is Sign In With Google?

Here comes the "Sign In with Google", which will allow users to log into applications and services using the account on Google+. What then is the same as GMail. Which is also the same of YouTube and of all the myriad of features developed in Mountain View (drive, takeout, etc)... Stated in this way, makes a better idea on the ecosystem that Big G ​​has created and continues to expand, systematically.

To understand what we are talking you can watch this video:

The service is just beginning and has been thought to be secure and lock the social spam.

Of this statement Dan Sullivan joked about:

Wow, Declares Facebook Connect Google+ to be "social spam?" Is not always so. Wonder if Google+ API will ever Appear bit.ly/13QuPGD

- Danny Sullivan (@ dannysullivan)

How does "Sign In with Google" works?

how sign in with google works

The login is simple, safe and fast. With one click you can log in with Google and give permission to the application to share only with who we want our actions.

By logging in any of its services, you can use the "Sign In with Google" on platforms that choose to adopt it. Access will provide the same security measures adopted for any user who enters into GMail or YouTube, without distinction.

The connection to an application through your account will be filtered by a permission request. And in any case, these permissions can be managed from the page plus.google.com / apps.

Desktop and Mobile, together!

login with google for desktop and mobile devices

The "Sign In with Google" is intended to unite the user experience on the PC with that of smartphones and tablets. Android, of course. That's why once logged into a some services on your computer, then using it on Mobile devices the user will already be connected and can immediately download the dedicated application.

Selective sharing...

selective sharing with sign in google

Unlike what happens on Facebook - where all share with all -, Google+ ensures that the user can choose to whom show a detail, a particular application that is using. Will want to show this only to his circles, in particular to that circle, specific to that user. All this will be possible.

...and interactive sharing

and interactive sharing (google login)

Is it okay to share images, updates and more. But Google+ wants to do more...

And he says that you can share - always making a selection of persons to whom it is destined our share - of the real and true activities: the post will become interactive and the user that will choose it, can access to the application.


Obviously can not miss the statistics to see how many users use the service. Everything is accessible with a guide on developers.google.com/+/features/analytics.

Documentation and Google History

All documentation can be found on the developers.google.com/+/

Google sign in is Google History, all the insights in this post.

Future and conclusions

Currently, there are some companies that have already decided to adopt immediately the new features:

The "Sign In with Google" may be included by the developers of Android and iOs apps, or within the websites.

what do you think?

A new opportunity for all, the social is now always present in our lives and now you can do just one login and one registration for all. What are advantages? Here some example:

First, the social login allows developers to access some user information. Imagine for a hotel what it means to have your name, location, age of the user...
The second point is the Agent rank, could become or be important. it's time of the famous Author Rank?
Developments and the potential is enormousis better not be late.
Maybe soon we can expect also the platform for comments by google+?
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