Facebook Timeline: 15 tips for a spectacular Diary cover


Some time ago, Facebook has profoundly changed the personal profile page, and introduced the Diary (Timeline). The new page is much richer information, organized in chronological order, and allows you to retrace your own personal history in a fun way.
Among the new features that probably makes the most of all something personal diary is the cover image. This is in fact a sort of welcome to those who visit our profile, and it is certainly what is more strongly our presence on the world's largest social network.
Upload a photo and use it as the cover is pretty easy, but certainly have seen Diaries who have much more than a simple photograph. Here are some tips to get you too a memorable cover.

Create a collage with Picscatter

If only one image is not enough for you, Picscatter is the solution. This application web creates a collage with photographs of your friends, your favorite album or the elements on which you did "like". If the first result is not convincing, just click on shuffle to shuffle the images and try again. The image created according to the inscriptions and the logo of the service, but who does not want it can get rid of it for $ 1 and a half. The payment option also offers seven filters to make your pictures even more spectacular. Given the small amount, it's worth it.

With a Facebook application


Timeline Covers offers hundreds of images to choose from organized by theme (sports, movies, celebrities, etc..). Part of the image can be customized with text, that you can only change the font size. The best part of this application is the tool to create collage, with more than ten professional-looking themes - such as the effect or Polaroid film.
If you can bear the advertising and not looking for a high level of customization this is a free option and fastest way to improve your voice cover. Another similar Facebook Timeline Covers.

Download an image ready

Free Timeline Covers offers a lot of images to download, including some banner to support specific campaigns (such as opposition to the proposed SOPA), quotes from television series or just funny pictures. Even Facebook Timeline Banner images ready to unload and reload on your profile, ranging from biblical quotations to images of Bollywood films, photographs nature, sports, video games or from theme for women.

Share their creativity

Cover Junction users can upload their own creations. We have enjoyed Where is Waldo, Pointing and BarneySays, but the choice is very wide. If you are really passionate about Facebook you will love this site. You can also choose to create images with pictures of their friends or favorite photos on your social networks.

Customize your cover

Timeline Cover Banner allows you to create a personalized cover a step at a time. You choose the background, then drag the image and then add text and graphics. You can even play with the brightness, contrast and saturation. Or add graphics by copying a simple code for emoticons, frames and more. A very complete and very powerful for a memorable image.

Custom cover in just one click

This is probably the easiest tool available. The models offered by Canvas Cover it possible to organize a snap our photos on Facebook. With a click of remix you can re-zero the organization of the images, if you do not like the first result. The publication is instantaneous on Facebook directly from the site. Cover Canvas models can only include photos, names only, or both. Operation is simple and the result assured.

Screen to another profile

If you have a photo of the old profile, you can make a good joke. Upload of images to Facebook as a cover of the diary to confuse your friends. Another idea is to do the same thing with the profile of Twitter or Google, to really be 2.0!

Space to house pets

You can have a simple and convincing cover with a simple photograph. This is especially true for those who have pets at home, since no one can resist the temptation to take pictures of their little friends, why not use the best shots for display on Facebook?


Play spaces

The white space on the cover of the Journal and its organization are as a canvas tempting for graphics enthusiasts, who have already indulged in a thousand ways. If you like the pictures a surprise - in this case meet the profile picture with the cover, the starting point is certainly this pattern for free (PSD, Photoshop). Have fun!

Take advantage of your profile picture

Create a feeling of continuity between the profile picture and the cover looks great, though not easy. If you want to commit yourselves but the idea is to make the cover of an extension or continuation of the profile photo. A sure way to impress friends and occasional visitors.

Put in showing photos of the last trip

Without necessarily using dedicated services or editing applications you can get a good result by loading the picture as the cover of a journey. If you are good photographers also there will be no need to touch up, and say a lot about you - at least where you've been and how good you are with the camera. Do not leave your most spectacular images where no one will see, if you can display them on Facebook.

Playing with water

Images aquatic, especially diving, lend themselves very well to the creation of spectacular covers. And the same goes for a shot in a rainy day. The combination with the image of the profile can be real or constructed, but the important thing is that the result is convincing. You can turn the cover in an aquarium, or withdraw yourselves with an umbrella in a tropical downpour. The possibilities are endless.

Promote themselves

The Diary cover is somewhat reminiscent of advertising space, so that in English it is common to call banner, a term derived from the world of marketing. So why not use this space to promote themselves, putting on display links to our blog, Twitter profile, email address and all that is relevant. The more adventurous can even add a QR code to the cover.

Use a meme


Most of you know what a meme, but we want to remember to avoid misunderstandings. The term refers to the catchphrases in the form of images, text, subtitles and combinations that continually crop up online. Are the daily bread of the more experienced surfers, but for all the others are always a surprise, usually fun.
So why not use Nyan Cat or ORLY owl for your cover and ensure a smile to those who visit your profile?

Put yourself in the middle

Last but not least you can use the cover as "classic", and occupy all the available space with a personal photo. After the photograph of the profile does not show much of ourselves, and if you think you look good, or if you believe that you have at least one picture that is worth to show, do not pull back. Obviously it's a choice not for the timid.




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