Twitter Analytics: with shingly can monitor topics of your interest

twitter analyitcs shinglyThanks to this new tool, you can track your favorite topics on Twitter, interacting with those who are talking about that specific topic.
It is a tool that allows you to find out what you are talking So then what you are saying about a specific topic.
This way you can both analyze the topics covered by your competitors, if they have a Twitter account (necessary for the use of shingly) and monitor what is being said about a particular topic.
How does shingly?
- Define the topics that interest you
- Analyze the results through statistics
- Improve results through specific functions
- Filter results, and identifies the "most influential voices" on that
- Interact with people who are talking about the topic of your interest
- see the report, including through mobile devices
In the official website you can also find a short video tutorial that shows you how to use this tool, you are here
The official website where you can try it for free shingly is:


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