Using Facebook on IPad

Using Facebook on IPadIf  you're looking to learn a bit at a time how to use a computer or a tablet and  if  you've already taken a look at a guide on how to surf the Internet with the iPad and now you want to take another small step forward, you can read this other guide. Would you like learning how to use Facebook on an IPad?

Good, to do it you should can use the social network on a Pc and you will not find any difficult to do it with your new IPad. It’s sure. 

Before using Facebook on iPad you should discharge social network app on your tablet first. Then you can start the App Store (selecting its icon on the screen home of iOS) looking for Facebook in the bar located at the top right Now, you have to select the Facebook icon in search results where a box opens.

There you have to press the button “Gratis” first, and then the other “Install”. In this way you will be able to select password of your Id Apple and select “OK” to download and install the app. To start using Facebook on you IPad you have only to select application icon on the home screen of the tablet, and log on to the social network using data of your profile. The Home screen of Facebook will open (the so called News Feeds) with posts, photos and other status updates of your friends. To interact with your friends, you can do it in the same way you do it on your PC.

To comment a post you have to press on the item “Comment”, located under it and you can write your comment in the box that appears.

To put “I like” to a photo or to a status update you have to press the apposite button, while if you want sharing a content on your diary you have to select the item “Share” under each post. If you don’t  see the sidebar chat to exchange messages in real time with your friends you have to put  the iPad in horizontal position and the chat box will pop-up in its standard position ( on the right side of the screen) .

To contact a friend you have to select its name. If the bar of the Facebook chat look faded, it means that you are offline. To log in and make yourself online to your friends you have to press the gear icon located in the top right and to select the item “Enable chat” from the menu that opens. Once you start a conversation, you'll see the "bubbles" with your friends pictures on the screen, allowing you to chat from any screen in the app. To remove them, select them with your finger dragging them to the bottom of the screen.

Would you like to send a poke to a friend or block a person? To do it you have to go to her profile pages and select its name in the main screen of the app ,then you have to  press the arrow icon which is located at the top right of the screen and select the item “Send poke” or “Block” from the menu that appears. To search for people or pages, “invokes” the menu of Facebook and press the icon with the three horizontal lines which is located at the top left and uses the search bar contained inside the latter. From the same bar, you can also access to your personal profile (by selecting your name), events, photos and applications installed on your account. Easy, isn’t it?

You can also change your profile photo and the cover of your diary iPad  signing into your profile page and  presses on the image you would change and select the item ”Select” from the library or take photo by IPad webcam.

Manage one or more Facebook pages? So in addition to the official Facebook app you should install the “Facebook Pages Manager”: this is another application created by Facebook that allows you to manage in a convenient way and precise their own pages within the social network .Too many Facebook notifications on the iPad get you bored? Would you like to be invisible in social network chat? There is another guide devoted to this subject.

At this time you really should know everything. Or rather, you know, the right to start using without fear the Facebook app for iPad and run it through your profile and your pages. With the passage of time, you'll see that you will discover by yourself many other features and "goodies".

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