YouTube: how to add the new "Subscribe" buttons to your site

YouTube has launched a few days ago, the new Subscribe buttons to boost enrollments into its own channel, to be included on the website. Much more beautiful than the previous version, the buttons are already in use. Let's see how to insert them inside your website.

To begin we must refer to the developer page on YouTube, of course:

You can choose between these buttons:

youtube subscribe button

Than, in the developer page, you can choose colors and style options that are suitable for your website.

After choosing the parameters, YouTube automatically generates the code for your button that you can copy and insert it into your site, into the desired part.

Remember, in addition to what is said, that YouTube has expressly requested of clearly showing the buttons and not to use them in a hidden manner and can not be used to track user data.

In the moment in which the user will subscribe to that channel, it will be directly entered. On every page he is in that moment. Good idea, therefore, to enter the "Subscribe Button" next to movies, placed in your website, so as to take advantage of the views and boost enrollments to the channel itself.

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