How to earn money with AdSense using four types of search

adsense: earn money with four types of searchWe know very well how Google is effective in offering coherent results to our research, how could then take advantage of this capability in AdSense if not giving the opportunity to monetize with research on our sites? Currently, there are 4 possibilities to earn through search, 2 a bit '"hidden" to many.

When a user does a search, the results can be inserted into a Google page in the same browser window or in a new browser page, or can be included on a page of our website so that search results are formatted like all the other pages, then the user can have a better experience from the search. In all four systems indicated will be added the ads that if clicked it will earn.

earn money adsense search

Before talking in detail these four types of search, we must remember the essentials of the regulation in order to avoid penalties:

  • You can enter max 2 search code snippets every page of our site.
  • if we decide to place the search results on our website, you can not add on the results page, AdSense ads, Google will include them automatically and you can not add other.

We see now to understand the differences between these modes.

1. Search the web

This search we say that it can be compared to the classic Google search, what we usually do "always", so the search made ​​by the user will be done on all websites indexed by Google.

2. Search on selected sites

Directly from the dashboard AdSense we can indicate one or more websites where Google will have to search what is required by those do research from our site. In this way we can indicate for example our website and the search results will be only pages of our site.

3. Custom Search

This is a search that is not part of the panel AdSense, but it is on an another site: Google Custom Search Engine.

This search is similar to the search on selected sites, but has many additional advanced options to better manage the search: for example we can suggest to Google a sites list to insert for indexing (or not indexing) via XML file instead to insert it manually; add refinement labels; analytics integration; ability to add users to collaborate in the management of the search engine: log and statistics

4. AdSense Custom Search Ads

AdSense Custom Search Ads

This type of search, unlike the three previous, is not performed by Google. If we have on our site a proprietary research that search in our database, through CSA (Custom Search Ads) you can insert AdSense advertising inherent search words, with a maximum of 3 ads also with size non standard. We set width in pixel, Google sets the height.

Unfortunately, this research is not open to all and has a very particular and restrictive regulation. If you feel that your site is compliant to the CSA rules, to be accepted you must make a request to join, but first I suggest you read the rules of CSA in relation to the platform where you are going to use it. Find the various regulations starting from request page.

My favourite are last two types!

Today, I hope to be able to introduce you something new. Good search ;-)

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