AdSense: size and position of ads affect the gain

adsenseToday we will see a key aspect of our income with AdSense: The size and location of our ads. I will never stop saying that every website regarding AdSense, has life in itself and that it is always necessary to do many tests before finding the optimal configuration, but we can still say that certain basic rules apply in virtually every site.


The most obvious is certainly one that relates to the size of the ads. What are the dimensions that are more click? If we make the tests in a particular area of our page alternating various sizes, we realize that the most clicked are almost always larger ones, especially the 336 * 280 but also the 300 * 250 and 160 * 600.

A few days ago was added a new very large size which is 300 * 600 but for now I have not tested since, given its size, it is not suitable for any type of site, In fact, you risk to cover most of our page exclusively with advertising. Surely it is necessary to evaluate use in sites with great space. Watch out for those who wish to use, as this size has a regulation "special", in fact since January 10, 2013 can not be used on a page to more than one ad of these dimensions, but will always be the usual limit of 3 ads for page.


Because these large make us earn more clicks? For the simple reason that the eye is drawn more, so it's easier than you read the advertisement, and that you clicked as it of interest. When operating these large size however we must remember that the higher ad space in our page,  smaller space for our content, so depending on the type of our web site we will find a happy medium.

We have seen how to increase your CTR (ie the number of clicks per 1000 views of publicity).

Now let's see if you can increase our earnings without altering our page and our ads.

A very important thing to know is the fact that not all the ads on the page are charged in the same way to the same size.
Who pay more?7
At the moment it is done rendering of our page, the browser asks the server Google ads to display. The server returns a series of advertisements ordered to possible gain, so the first advertising is that if clicked pay more, then the others to follow. It follows so that the first ads in HTML order is one that contains advertisements that will make us more money. The tactic so is primarily to see which ads have the highest CTR, then using the techniques HTML, put the source that generates it in front of everyone else.
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