Classify customers in order to identify the needs of your company

Often when analyzing the competition is left out the aspect of customers ...
Have you ever wondered:
  • Who are the customers of your competitors?
  • If you are your ideal audience?
  • With which you like to collaborate?
In fact, things are not always as they seem and worth knowing in advance which customers like to do business and which are not.
Your competitors usually indicate on the website who are their customers and from here you can already get an idea and see if these are your ideal audience, if you would you most have them as customers.
This can also serve to better identify your niche market, so as to position yourself effectively and be perceived as unique in the niche you go to operate (unique selling proposition).


The customer is not only a source of income, but ...
The customer can be a source of information, income, general improvement to the performance of my company.
The key issue is "catalog" customers because they are all important ... how to do it?
Here are some criteria which I consider useful should always be considered in a logic of CRM and customer classification:
key Customers
Are best suited to that which does now the company and make the greatest contribution in terms of turnover and profitability
customers guide
Help to collect information in order to adapt the offer, are the most demanding
strategic Customers
Have the characteristics of key customers and strategic, are the "TOP"
established customers
They are the "hard core"; are loyal but not very profitable
marginal customers
They have volumes below average; serve to verify the reason for the margin (non-competitive company or client without potential)
lost customers
Serve to analyze the reason for the loss
new customers
Serve to deepen and complete the information, speak to us of competition
potential customers
Are divided in Prospect or Suspect customers and supply the new customer group


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