Getting Your Bearings on the Three Forms of Mobile Marketing

Here are three basic approaches you should consider when integrating mobile marketing into your marketing strategy:
  • Direct mobile marketing
  • ✓ Mobile-enabled traditional and digital media marketing
  • ✓ Mobile-enabled products and services
The next sections give you an overview of all three approaches so you can
decide which approach is going to fit your business best.

Direct mobile marketing

One of the really special things about mobile marketing is that it provides
you with the opportunity to interact directly with a person — not a household
address, or a post office, or a television network — because mobile
devices are personal to a single person.
Direct mobile marketing involves sending messages directly to a consumer or
receiving messages directly from a consumer. The mobile channel provides
you with two basic forms of direct mobile messages to engage your customer,
and there’s really no middle man:
✓ Marketer-initiated communication: This occurs when the marketer
starts the engagement with the consumer — for example, sends a
message, places a call, or pushes an application alert. It is sometimes
referred to as push marketing.
✓ Consumer-initiated communication: This occurs when the consumer
starts the engagement with the marketer — for example, visits a mobile
Web site, places a call, downloads an application, and so on. It is sometimes
referred to as pull marketing.
Mobile marketing is an extremely effective direct marketing practice.
Marketers consistently see response rates of 8–14% to their initiated communication
(compared to less than 1% for most direct marketing channels).
With all forms of direct mobile marketing, you must first get a consumer’s
explicit permission prior to sending him a text message, making a call, or initiating
a communication. Because you need permission, you can’t engage in
direct mobile marketing without combining your campaigns with other forms
of marketing to gain the permission in the first place.

Mobile-enabled traditional and digital media marketing

Mobile-enabled traditional and digital media mobile marketing refers to the
practice of mobile-enhancing your traditional and new-media programs (TV,
radio, print, outdoor media, Internet, e-mail, voice, and so on) and inviting
individual members of your audience to pull out a phone or connected device
and respond to your mobile call to action,
On television, for example, your call to action may ask viewers to text a keyword
to a short code to cast a vote. Or, you may ask them to fill out a form on
the Web or mobile Internet, including their mobile phone number, to participate
in the program.

Mobile-enabled products and services

Increasingly, companies are turning to mobile devices and networks to
deliver their products and services. For example, banks have launched
mobile Web sites and applications so that you can access your bank account
to check your balance, transfer money, and find the nearest ATM. Media
companies like CNN or ESPN use mobile media as a new media for delivering
their content.
A lot of companies are integrating mobile services like text messaging as a
way of enhancing the experience with their products. For example, Hasbro
recently added text messaging to their last version of the game Clue. Players
can receive text messages that influence the flow of the game while they’re
playing. We explain more about mobile-enabled products and services in
Parts II and III of this book.



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