Here are four goals that every company should measure on social media

social media globeYour social media activity is improvised? You do not know what to take?

The term "Social Media ROI" is often used at random, but in fact it is known that it is very important to our business!
But where to start and how right place himself in the online measurement of our overall business objectives?
In this article we will analyze four goals to which our business has to strive for, how they affect social media on them and, more importantly, how you can measure the impact of social media marketing on these objectives.
Determines how each of the underlying objectives can be related to your "case" and choose which to measure results.

Objective 1: to recognize your brand.

Want to increase awareness of your brand and influence online? It is important to be relevant. If customers are not brand influenceaware of your brand and what it stands for, you should do something to make this happen. When customers know your brand and interact with it on social, are more likely to recommend your company to their friends by sharing posts and retweet.
Here's how to measure brand awareness and influence online: Klout analyzes social activity that comes from our profiles and evaluate our influence. The Klout Score is a reflection of social influence of our brand based on the activities that we have done on social networks and can produce a result that goes from 10 (which is the lowest score) to 100.
Digging deep score in that there is provided, Klout offers us further analysis, which include:
  • the True reach: ie how many people we influence (is measured by the extent of our influence)
  • the Amplification: that is, how we can influence people (and then computes the depth of our influence)
  • the Network Impact: that is influential as your audience.

klut score

To measure the effectiveness of our PR activities and the efforts made by the brand, it is recommended to register every month our Klout score, the True Reach, Amplification and Network Impact the in a spreadsheet. These data will be useful in order to observe the changes in scores over time and thus understand what to do to improve our Klout score.

Objective 2: website traffic.

You preferred to obtain a high number of visits to your website or blog? Traffic is important for all sites,

website traffic

  especially if you have an ecommerce.
The visits, however, should never be the goal, the ultimate goal of a website. Although, to achieve all the other goals, you should have a minimum traffic level appropriate.
We can create the most beautiful site in the world but it does not matter if it is visited.
  • Here's how to measure the traffic of visits to social media:
  • Open your Google Analytics account;
  • Select the "Traffic Sources" from the drop-down menu select the page "Overview";
  • Record Visits and traffic through referrals in your spreadsheet.

analytics social


Goal 3: Retain the visitors of the website.

Do you want to increase the amount of time users spend on your website or blog? The more time people customer loyaltyspend on our page, the more likely they will buy something.
If the people who visit our page do only once, then we are not following a strategy of long-term web.
Another very important aspect to consider is to understand, on average, what is the number of visits required to obtain a conversion.
An example of conversion could be, specifically, an inscription to the newsletter, purchase a product, request a quote, etc..

Part A - Setup

  • Open Google Analytics, and click Administration.
  • Click on the "Advanced Segments" and then click "+ New Segment"
  • analytics advance segments
  • Rename the new segment "Sources Social Media."
  • Click on the drop-down menu and select the green words "source" (in green). Inside the box, enter text, enter the URL of a site of social media, such as "" and "".
  • social media sources
  • Click Add the statement "OR", then click on the green button again and select "source" to add another site to be monitored. Repeat step # 4 to add another source of social media like Twitter.
  • add sources
  • Repeat step 5 to add all the main sources of social media like Facebook, Twitter,, YouTube, StumbleUpon and Digg.
  • Once these have been added to the custom segment, click on the Save button segment.

Part B - Measure the "loyalty."

  1. From "Standard Reports", select the Audiences tab.
  2. From the drop-down menu click on "behavior", and select the "frequency and recency."
  3. Click the Advanced Segments tab, check the "Custom Segments" and select sources Social Media, then press the Apply button.
  4. Sum of the percentage of visits for the first three positions and subtract this percentage from 100% to calculate your regular visitors. Record the percentage of your regular visitors in your spreadsheet. My goal is to increase this percenutale in a long-term perspective.

visit count

Objective 4: Conversion rates

Do you want to increase total conversions from social media?
Most business owners want to understand the direct relationship between social activities and sales.
You should know the source of traffic for every important business objective and these goals should be set by Google Analytics (or similar).
For most of you, the web is the most important objective of converting a visitor through the inclusion of their personal data in your form (eg, subscription to the newsletter).
For the firms that carry most of their business online, these objectives are the lifeblood of the organization and are key measures for success.
Even if you've just begun to acquire users and leads online, you should set the measurement of this goal as the most important to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts.


Here's how to measure conversions from social media.
Using the social relations within Google Analytics, we are able to understand the specific value of each social network. Of course, you must have set goals within Google Analytics for conversion information to display.
To this end it is necessary to perform the following operations:
  1. Open your Google Analytics account.
  2. Select the tab Traffic Sources.
  3. From the drop-down social, select the Conversions page.
  4. Conversions and records the value of the conversion in your spreadsheet. Run these ores operation several times a month in order to verify the performance of the most common objectives.


I recommend that you measure your goals on a monthly basis, record these numbers in a spreadsheet to Google and monitor the increases (or decreases) each month. Moreover, the calculations outlined in this article, can be made with programs "free".
Do not fool yourself, do not believe that social media marketing is "free." Your time is valuable, especially if you have just started your business or you have a small business. Non-focused, made ​​on social media, can quickly become a huge waste of time.
Measuring them instead, you'll get the best use of your time and resources at your disposal.
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