How to find the right niche for your blog

how to fine niche

The web is full of endless blog generalist that "only occupy space and positions", they can not be nobody because talk about topics completely different from each other, without being able to reach the top of Google results.
To be successful, it is very important to decide then a specific niche, a specific topic is not very wide which allows to get you out of great satisfaction and be among the first positions in SERPs (in the results of a Google search).

How to find the right niche for your blog

Can not wait to be successful with your blog for change (finally) your life, right?
Start finding your niche, but the niche where you gain more by following these simple steps:
  • Interest you have to find something to feed an interest frightening, a deep love, where every day you can discover and learn new things ... otherwise when the initial euphoria will give way to uncertainty and monotony, your desire to write and change their lives will greet you.
  • Remember you must have read documentation page, study, try, try again, writing on this subject for a long time before being able to emerge (and even after).
  • Knowledge: you must know very well what you're going to talk, or at least you should be able to study and know more about day to day. Ever you follow someone who does not know what he says or does the copy paste from Wikipedia?
  • Search Volume: if the niche is too niche, or if there are very few people (I'm talking less than 1000 people per month) that needs information on this niche well. in the long run you will get tired not having a come back ... So try to find a niche also not too upright, not too stringent. The best thing would be to talk about fashion or cooking since they are topics that affect millions of people, but here the competition is fierce, will be tough to get in there ... You must be able to find a good middle ground.


  • Ask yourself these questions, there are forums or groups on this niche? They are popular and active? If so, it means that there are people who are interested in the topic, and is an attractive niche.
  • Money: money to turn this area? In order to change your life you need the money God, then one of the things that you have to look at is whether you can actually earn once you've arrived at a good level. To find out, you can immediately search for the keyword within your industry on Google, and see if there are many advertisements alongside the results ... the more there are, the more money and run!
  • Different now that you have decided on a niche you can, try to ask (and give you an answer) on how you intend to differentiate yourself from the crowd. In order to succeed, you must have something new to offer, something that people can not find the blogs that are already on the web ... seems trivial, but this is what you can do to make the leap! Otherwise you will remain one as many, and you do not want that right?
  • In order not to affect your passion duo-niche, now that you've thought of everything and have in mind to design your own blog, I suggest you use the tools Google Adwords competition to see who has the keyword in your niche and what is sought monthly.
If you arrived at this point and you have in mind to design your and your niche, reminding you that the content and quality will always be rewarded, cleverly thrown into the fray and prepare for battle!


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