Internet Marketing for Beginners: How to get started

first step to internet marketing

One of the most common questions of those who approach for the first time Internet Marketing is to figure out how to create your own online business step by step: you approach intrigued but the amount of information available is likely to cause confusion and distrust for those who did not a website yet, for those who do not even know what a domain or hosting for those who do not even know where to begin to create an article, a mailing list, a sales letter and so on.
The result of this confusion leads mostly the novice:
  • or to abandon if not motivated enough
  • or to turn and be enchanted by the proposals, more or less reliable, info-marketers sector or alleged gurus make money online. You spend money, sometimes you leave completely dissatisfied, other times you will learn important techniques, but often the original question still remains incomplete, always missing something, there is always one part of the great mosaic that is missing.
"It 's true I learned how to write the best sales letter, but the website as I do?"
"I have all the tools and knowledge necessary to make a huge mailing list, but as a port people on my site, in practice as a son-in traffic?"
"I know how to use google adwords but how do I create a successful squeeze page?"
"I learned to create my site on google and place it properly, but I do not understand why people do not buy"
And I could go on and on! There is always something that is missing in order to have a complete vision of how to build themselves an online business. In fact, those who do not know the subject well and especially those who have a good idea but did not really want to waste time studying weeks, months or years, thousands of guides and manuals, would prefer someone to accompany him by the hand from start at the end.
For this reason I decided to create something that can really represent the "sum" for the novice and I did it in 2 ways:
1. Through this article you summarize the main points to become an internet marketer step by step and carry out their projects;
2. Through an e-book (I'm finishing at the moment) where I explain in detail from beginning to end as realized their business without having to work hard and study too much and therefore it is recommended both to those who want to continue to study and become an expert, and for those who are lazy or otherwise interested only in concrete render their idea. In practice concepts easier and faster each accompanied by instruments already ready to get to work. Just go crazy with what hosting to buy, how to make the site as a place, how to sell, etc.. Everything ready so that those who have a good idea can just sit down and start writing.
But let's continue with this article which thus aims to explain how to get started in the world of web marketing and summarize in three main points:

STEP 1: make a decision.

It 'must be convinced first that you are doing internet marketing and internet marketing is a MUST to make money online. To create an online business need to know the Internet Marketing, without it you can have the best ideas in the world but will not avail, if not accompanied by the right techniques to economizzarle.
Do not leave spaces to but and if, if you do not want to learn, if you're not convinced, then internet marketing is not for you and probably will never be able to carry on an economic activity on the internet. Here it is not passionate about something that perhaps might not like, it is instead the right to know and a few concepts that you will need in your road to success online.
Let me give you an example:
I started to experiment with the way the web did not have the right knowledge and I was under the illusion that the only passion for what I did could bring the desired results. I had a website ( in which I spoke of what fascinated me more and I have the illusion that this was enough to get us out of some money, to create me my dream job. So I wrote the e-book without even knowing how to sell them or write them and I have placed some random adsense banner on the site.
After months of hard work, despite the appreciation of the readers, I noticed that almost nothing happened:
· No one or a few clicks on the banner despite the site, the amount and specificity of the arguments, did good visits;
· 2 sales a year of my manual.
I kept asking what was wrong. But in reality, what was wrong was that I had not the slightest idea of ​​how you could make money on the internet.
At that time I had no work, or rather my work was what was supposed to give me that site, and then slowly arose in me distrust this system. I thought my dream of earning from home doing what I liked and without an employer was coming to an end. With a child born recently, the costs were so many and now I was on the street.
I began to study and to inquire to make sure it was not so. I was so discouraged that I thought "Only those who had a great idea could make money" and concentrated in finding fabulous idea that would raise my financial situation. The idea I found shortly after but failed again because I did not know how to make it known. From that moment I began to think instead that "Only those who had an extraordinary idea and had the economic means to advertise it could make money." It is here that I was wrong. Due to my stubbornness kept trying and trying again
In a short time I looked in a broad sense to the world of online income and I did it beginning to study and test the law of attraction combined with pro-Buddhist meditation techniques. Without going into theoretical disquisitions on whether these theories are true or not, but what I learned and still do for sure is that our mind is able to materialize everything and make a decision means to open our minds to new ideas and opportunities.
"Once you make a decision, the universe does everything to make it happen." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
For this the first step is to take a decision and really understand if the gain online is what we really want. To investigate the psychological gain online reference to the special section "Psychology Gain."

STEP 2: Needless to seek shortcuts

If you want to create you an online worthy of the name and that produces money is no point wasting time looking for tricks or magic systems that will solve all your problems. There is no system that earns nothing from without a job and even if there was there would be some who would share.
Let's not fool us by those who promise us heaven and earth. If we want to make gains if we open our activity on the web we have three possibilities:
1. If we have a minimum of money you can invest, we have to take care only of Marketing, freelance and pay for the development and positioning and pay advertising to bring traffic immediately. This street is therefore one that requires only the necessary study of Internet marketing as the other points essential to the implementation of its activities are carried out by other entities for this purpose.
2. If you do not have money to invest (as the rest of me when I started) then it is a different story. Most people are looking for satisfaction on the web just because of the financial problems that afflict them. Ask them to spend from 500 to 1000 euro for a blog or ecommerce, from 1000 and more for a decent location, hundreds of euro to buy advertising on the sites of the area, it would be a blow that make them retrace their steps to find alternative solutions . Instead, those who have to do everything alone will not work just as it will have to deal with all stages of the process for the realization of its business online, from the choice of the domain, keys, website, seo, marketing and so on. We may wish to months before arriving at the finish but this road is the one that will surely bring more satisfaction even if it requires a lot of passion and belief in what you do.
3. The third way is that I'm envisaging. Especially for those who are in the situation of point 2, to save time and get started right away, then I'm preparing the system to start working in a few days: in practice a complete package where you will have from the beginning preferred domain hosting , personal blog already ready to place links to the site, autoresponder to expand and manage mailing lists, and finally the most important secrets to making everything work properly.

STEP 3: Choose a business model and become a GURU

The third phase is the crucial one in that no errors. On the Internet there are many ways to make money, we only have to figure out which system is best suited to our idea, our business and our web site. We focus on adsense on affiliations of dropshipping on ebay, supplied on marketing? Each of them require specific skills that would be useful to know before choosing the model already.
Yeah, I hear you ask: Do I have to study dozens of systems before figuring out which one is right for me?
In fact it would take too long and are in fact contrary to a choice of this kind. What we do recommend is to understand quickly and outline each model and what is already well steal, intuuire which one is right for us. Systems as that they are many, but there is a trick. In fact, all the money making systems can be grouped into macro business models that are only 4.
We read "What are and how to choose the online business models" and identify what is right for us. Once you have chosen then only we go in and try this or that implement such systems in our business.
Once you have made the choice - that could very well be a mix of multiple systems-then it's time to quickly become experts that model adopted. We study only that model and put it in practice as we learn: many beginners can create small business while studying simply because everything they learn to put into practice appearing in the eyes of others as they themselves professionals. It is not clear?
Let me give you an example: let's say that you choose to become a successful web marketer and your goal is to teach others how I teach you in this moment. Then you read what was said to me in the quest 'article and you do yours. With your experience you say these words in a different way to someone else. While you go on learning in the meantime there will be someone else who already'll be learning from you, which deems a person responsible for the field.
To determine the type of business most suitable for your needs you should read the articles in the "Systems to gain."
Bottom line: the only way to achieve an online business that will lead to the real profits requires hard work and commitment: no matter what you need to accomplish, what matters is that depending on what you are going to realize you have the right knowledge.


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