System "Flash" to extract money from a niche and become the market leader

system to extract money from a nicheBefore you even bother to run a test, there are a number of pre-requisites that I always try in a market (and later in a niche.) These prerequisites do I need to avoid wasting time in unproductive sectors or made of people who do not is accustomed to spend that kind of information.

Step 1 - Testing

Let us consider a kind of "pre-filter" research. Here it is ...
(Pre-testing) Things to find before taking a test:
  • high traffic blogs
  • social media activities
  • online community and Forum
  • products in existing sales ...
  • .. that solve a basic human need
  • few ways to solve the perceived problem
  • market made ​​up of "fans" or "desperate"


Once they have established the presence or absence of at least 5 of these factors, they are able to make my choice, then immediately delete and discard all the niches that have a public random and unmotivated.
At this point you explain the process of micro-testing most trusted in the world of online GURU, which has been widely discussed in recent months. Is not the only possible system, and I think it has a lot of weaknesses, but since there are many who want to try to share with you my personal version, which I think is more "effective".

1. Make a website selling the product you want to sell


Basandoti solely on the results of pre-testing of the research you've done, once you clear what frustrations, needs, fears, dreams, hopes, and desires are the people to whom you are targeting, you must create a cover letter that sells a product fictitious in order to solve a problem (preferably urgent and painful) that your audience is having.
It will only create two pages for your sales site:
  • A sales letter with purchase button
  • A page declaring: "product not available"


Now, create the sales letter is the hard part, especially if you're starting out and do not chew copywriting. For this I'll give you a simple formula that you can use right now to begin. This is a simplification of "extreme" and certainly improved, but that gives you a good base to start from.
Consider one swipe file starting ...


Hello, I'm [name] and I deal with [what].
If you want to [get it] without having to deal with [problem 1] and without the torment of [problem 2] then this will be the most important message you ever read.
Here's why:
Years ago I was so frustrated I could scream in despair (and at one point I did not). I tried all the while to be able to [get it]. But none of what I was learning seemed to work, no matter how many times I tried. It all seemed useless
All this until, after months of readings, studies obsessive, consulting with experts, and investment without end, one day I came across / I found out [what - introduce magic ingredient], and within [the time] I could to [deliver me from which loans / reach that ideal situation].
Today I took all that I know about, I took several years of research and investment, more field trials and endless failures, and I packed in a simple easy to follow ebook and read in 30 minutes, that whosoever had the same problem can benefit from it without risk, without any loss of money and broken boxes.
Just to clarify, my claim is not to upset any day your situation. But the most realistic to make small and gradual positive changes in your life and help you with this knowledge a___________
I know for sure that you will get results. That's what it is ....
[List the benefits of the product]
Now you can [get the result you want] without making the same mistakes that I did and without wasting all that time and money, like me.
[Click here to buy now]

2. Brings traffic to the sales letter

OK, at this point you should have your site up and running testing, and you can bring traffic to the sales page. I suggest you use tactics traffic in the short / medium term, whether gratis or for a fee. Here are the options that I suggest you consider immediately:

Paid Traffic
Buy traffic is perfect for our purposes, since it allows us to reach the right target audience receiving visits almost instantaneously. On the downside, if you will, is that we may have to invest several euro more than expected to get these requests quickly, but the time savings will be much more 'important than saving money.
Here are the three options I am currently using
  • Google Adwords
  • Ads Yahoo / Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

Free traffic

In case you have more time than money to invest, you may want to opt for these systems free of charge:
  • Videos on YouTube
  • Social Media, Web 2.0
  • Article Marketing
Create and share content on YouTube, article directories or Web 2.0 sites is another great way to get a good amount of hits. The problem is that it will take much longer to get traffic, also this is almost always less important than that obtained with advertising on ppc, then your conversions may fall.

3. Measure conversions

Use Google Analytics to monitor and track all interactions with your sales site. These will be the data you will use to decide if you should continue with the idea of ​​the product, or if it is a fiasco.
Simply define the purchase page as a goal in Google Analytics, so you'll have to work on data conversion is not just a few "test purchase" occurs. Personally, my policy is to get at least a potential sale. What is the signal that I proceed. If the test is successful, go to Step 2.

Step 2 - Capture Leads (List Building)

At this stage we can consider to develop a marketing system on the idea of ​​the product and build a list that revolves around it. We tested the application on the ground and verified that the market is willing to pay for that solution. Now we can "create" to all intents and purposes the solution, and decide to give it away for free a small portion draw to increase credibility and authority. We will do this by creating a list.

Now, talking about list building, I will go against the current and you reveal a secret that will not only increase your optin but will allow you to create a list ultra-responsive.
If you already have a list, let me ask you:
"What is the best optin rate you got?"
5%? 8%? Maybe you're really good and manage 12%.
With an optimistic prediction, maybe you can obtain a conversion rate of 10% (by sales) of these contacts, which is equal to 1.2. This means that, out of 100 visitors, you get 12 optin and get 1 sale.
Now, one sale is not bad, but especially if you buy traffic, such a conversion your business is already dead before you start. In fact, go at a loss. And this, I know, is the condition where you can find many infomarketer (old and new). How to fix?
The secret is to NOT put the visitors in front NE 'a sales page OR' an optin page, instead ....
Create a system that pre-qualify your ideal client
All the gurus say that if you want to increase sales and conversions simply "increase membership and get more traffic." This is FALSE. The only way to increase your conversions and increase sales consists in 'establish the right connection with your subscribers right from the first contact. If you miss this point, it does not matter how much traffic and how many members get, you will always be zero sales.
Here's how to start the connection:
  1. Create a page of pre-sale
  2. Post a free report that people can download without registering anything.
  3. Within this report include a link for 'more information' that points to a registration page on your website.
  4. Promote the "complete product" via autoresponder (which is the best way to connect with people and leads to the sale)



Take the way?
In this way, you're simplifying a lot of the road that leads us to recognize you as "authoritative" and trustworthy. Initial barriers must be almost nil. Then she creams. How many of these do you think visitors will download the "Part 1" of your report if there is a link to the download without pitfalls immediately visible on the first try?
Reading the report, the visitor goes right in relation to the quality of your content and understand what you're made of. And never as in this case, the first impression is what counts the most. Do you want them to think:
"Wow, this does the job, I can not believe you gave away all this free stuff. Where 'Part 2 ...? "
In fact, the optin rate can reach 30% of 40, 50 or even 60%, depending on the market and depending on how much you have worked well in the knowledge effectively establish this initial connection.
And this system, my friend, is simply the best way to pre-qualify and select those who will almost certainly become your customers. In your list will only ones who want to know more about you and your products. With these you have already laid the groundwork for a good relationship.
But now this is where things get interesting!
Give and sell for 80% to 20%
Remember, you can give away as much as 80% of the information, and you pay the remaining 20%. 20% are the parties 'missing' key, which represent the full product.
As you do, you want to constantly stimulate your readers wanting to know more. Leave them open. They may also have most of the information ready, but not the only big thing that really open your mind. This has an important value. You shall establish a price for ethical disclose it.
However, giving so much value in advance will help to build trust between you and your members (and make meatballs to your competition).
Now you're ready to step 3 ...

Step 3 - Establish the report (email marketing)


what to do when you have entered in the list?
  • First rule: Do not push the product before giving additional value and, unless you want your subscribers to be transformed into an army of the dead that do not open anything within 2 weeks.
  • Second rule: follow the "models" tested, do not reinvent the wheel (more soon)


What NOT to do absolutely
I am sure that you too will be writing to dozens of newsletters and get tons of emails each week that will encourage people to buy the new offer of the day.
"Buy here, buy them, due today, special offer - only 4 hours, only 27 copies .. blah, blah. "
Now, honestly, let's face it ..
How many of these emails can not read? How many of these do you really want to read?

What works in email marketing TODAY

The people who subscribe to a mailing list not only want to download the free utility. They want to feel that you understand their problem. They want to feel that you listen to them, you're there for them, without blatantly push products to buy at all costs. They want to have the possibility of obtaining a two-way dialogue with you.
You also have to be realistic. In fact, you can not start writing as if you conoscesi all their anxieties, frustrations and mental battles constants that are faced every day of their lives. You can not invent this state. Unfortunately you can not improvvisarti expert. You must, however, be like them, think like them, and above all ...
... To fully understand how they feel and what they want, what needs, needs (pain relief), fears (solution to the problem) and desires (to improve the way of life) are your ideal clients. And here we find solace in our role as a "detective of the web." Everything starts from the subject ..
No matter what message you are sending or what service you want to promote. Always leave the reader to know that there is someone on the other side ready to help. In this regard Here are four words that will open at 90% of your email.

The best Subject

".. You are not alone"
Not only that subject receives openings crazy, but it is also what leads people to answer and write, immediately triggering a "two-way dialogue" so that you can right from the start to focus your communications subsequent to their needs, to help them with any means possible.

The best welcome email

The first email they receive is crucial. The opening paragraph should briefly introduce yourself (who you are, what you do and why you do it) and then go a step diangostica, where do your requests in writing, asking if you have had experiences similar to yours, or if you felt the same way.
Use phrases such as:
"Like you, I was .." "I know how you feel because I too felt so ..", "have you ever felt that way?", "Have you ever lived / experienced this ..?"
This is how to hack, involve the people in your story, but do not speak only of "you." Your story should be a mirror, something that produces assonance and where you can identify. Then uses a transition to go from your story to "them." Ask, asking questions, but be concise, do not write long and endless paragraphs. Get to the point.
Here are the 3 basic elements that I use when I write an email:
  1. (A). Tell a "story" (a story can be related to my experience of life, someone I know, or on the product itself).
  2. (B). I create an "open loop" (ie, an Introduction "intriguing" to the solution of the problem, which acts as a "teaser").
  3. (C). I closed the email with a "cliff hanger" (ie abrupt at the climax, to induce in the reader a strong sense of curiosity, and the desire to know more)
This works in all markets.

And here's how to successfully promote your product or service


Remember where we started, we tested the application on the ground and verified that the market is willing to pay for that solution. Let's call it "system in 10 steps per____ottenere a certain something," and this is the stage 1.
We then sharpened the blade and created the first two steps of the system. We gave him a free (part 1) without asking anything, the other we used (one inside the content itself) to do list, so as to establish a strong connection with people and extract important feedback (phase 2).
Phase 3 starts with the welcome email killer, which strengthens and solidifies the connection and makes you get more feedback to calibrate the best product to sell in his capacity as final. It will incorporate these questions in your product, and include the appropriate answers. This is the essence of phase 3
As soon as your "system in 10 passi__ is ready" at this point you have to inspire people, bring them to feel this atmosphere of excitement for the new release. Show him what this can do for them ...
Here's the plan of action at this point of the walk ...
  • Send a message to all your subscribers style "Who wants to know?"
  • Shall register people interested in a list dedicated to the new output (list promo).
  • Create a sequence e-mail once every 3-5 days away to create anticipation and enthusiasm for the product.
  • It appears in the form of "history" in order to raise awareness about your product, its benefits, of which the results yielded
  • Create and sell a couple of exclusive bonuses for the first 10/25/50 orders
  • On the last day of their link to purchase the product and also get the bonus.
  • Send a reminder 1 day 2 days and then again after the previous email.
  • After 1 week, you can delete the list, if you wish (for cleaning) or keep it if you plan to upsell / future updates / new bids. And that's all ..


During this time you must not speak of this product with other lists (leads and customers). This increases the 'duration' of your contacts and customers.


I really tried to reduce your start-up essence. It was not easy to do with a simple article. But I think I have succeeded in my purpose. If you have any doubts re-read the 3 steps that I just shared with you several times. You'll see that you get inspiration.
With regard to email marketing, you can hear the voices that has become obsolete. This is absolutely FALSE. Email marketing is alive and well and is the essence dell'infobusiness today and in the future. There is Facebook taking, there are no tricks, no lists that support social.
If the connection fails, you lose a potential customer. And the way you connect with people is the most important aspect of email marketing. If you do it wrong ricaverai 0 euro, no matter the chosen niche.
But if you do it right is not difficult to get a 4-digit number in 24 hours with a single product (in the middle of the economic crisis)
For questions, concerns, comments, please contact me below.













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