Free Christimas Psd Styles for websites

christmas giftHere is the Christmas gift from Kingmoney: a Christmas style for your website completely free.


Christmas is coming and to stay on Christmas KingMoney decided to give you this psd containing customizable styles to make Festive each site. The only thing to do is open the file, choose the graphics and customize all the interfaces you want! Happy holidays to all!

christmas style for your website

Free Download here:

Christmas Style.zip12.39 MB
Webmaster: Styles and Images: 

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of the world as we have known it.
But the world is already finished, and no one has noticed it,
we really are living in a limbo hidden
without memory.
I have this certainty.
You just need make connections and strive to remember
some nights in which you find yourself placed during sleep, and
as it is recurrent, and how, by asking around,
this happens to more people than you think.
This year has seen everything, we realized
that religion, politics, the structure
society are all based on deception and